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    GM Application

    Post by dreeey17 on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:59 pm

    1. Full name.
    Audrey De leon
    2. Age and gender.
    22 Male
    3. You’re in-game name.
    4. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other server or game. Any GM experience before etc..

    A week ago. I was a gm in ParadiseRO before. Then we run our own private server in ragnarok. It last almost a 2 and half years. Then na wipe. Kase may mga hacker na pumasok sa system namen. Binaboy yung server.

    5. What is your time zone + country & how often can you be online?
    UTC+8:00. 13 hours or more in a day.
    6. Tell us something about yourself.
    I was a Bachelor of Science in Travel Management before in Our Lady of Fatima University. I like eating food, playing PC Games everyday. Doing some workouts every morning. Doing some cooking stuffs and more.

    7. Are you good in working in a team and keeping us informed?

    Yes absolutely!
    8. Can you be strict in doing your job?
    Yes absolutely! Eventhough soft-hearted. I will be very strict.

    9. What is your reason to be a gm on this server?
    I really want to help this community. Give some information that i learn from my past experience. Give some ideas for events items etc. And to learn new things.

    10. What can you give to this server and any more information about you.

    I gave all the information i had.

    Thank you & Godbless!

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